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Bad Credit? You Can Get a No Credit Check Cash Loan

Written By satu on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 | 11:40 PM

Is your credit history bad? Maybe there's a foreclosure or a recent bankruptcy in it but you need emergency money fast. You might want to consider getting a no credit check cash loan from a payday loan company.

If you need $1500 or less and you have a steady source of income you can probably get bad credit small loans when you need them the most.

You can apply for free with cash advance companies on line and have the emergency cash you need in your bank account by tomorrow.

You don't put up any collateral to get these loans - they are unsecured. They are backed by your next paycheck.

And it's very easy to get unsecured loan - no credit check.

How a Fast Cash No Credit Check Loan Works

When you applyr for a no credit check cash loan, or payday loan, the lending company does not check your credit. They base your loan on your ability to repay it. It can be verified by your having a bank account and either a check stub from your employer or some other proof of income. Many cash advance companies will lend you money if you make $800 to $1000 or more a month.

There are Two Types of Payday Loans

There are both faxless and paperless bad credit small loans as well aspayday loans that do require you to fax in information to verify your income.

In order to increase their business, more and more online payday loan companies offer you a faxless no credit check cash loan. That means you can get your loan without ever having to leave your home to find a place to fax over the information.

The Disadvantage of an Unsecured Loan - No Credit Check

The only disadvantage to payday loans is that when you compare the interest rate to bank loans and credit cards it is much higher. That's because bad credit small loans are high risk, short term loans. The payday loan company charges high interest to balance out their risk.

How You Repay Your No Credit Check Cash Loan

The unsecured loan - no credit check - is supposed to be paid back in one payment out of your next paycheck. It will be set up to have the money automatically deducted from your checking account when it comes due. So make sure you have the money in your account because there will be some big fees if the debit is rejected.

How To Save Money When Getting A Fast Cash No Credit Check Loan

The best thing you can do is compare the interest and fees that payday loan companies charge. Make sure that you get the lowest rates that you can because the interest accrues every day.

If your credit is bad or you've had a recent bankruptcy or foreclosure it can be very hard to get approved for a loan from more traditional lending establishments.

However, if you meet the minimum requirements, a no credit check cash loan is quite easy to be approved for. And you can get the money to take care of your emergency when you need it.

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